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Jon Katz is easy to reach & ready to defend you

Jon Katz is easy to reach & ready to defend you


FOR MANY PEOPLE, THERE COMES A TIME when they need a lawyer to help them fight a battle, or even a war, no matter how big or small. What do you seek in a lawyer? A lawyer who welcomes you and your cause with open arms and with readiness and experience to fight as effectively, fearlessly, and tirelessly as possible for your liberty? A lawyer who respects and cares about you, and listens deeply to you? A lawyer who is committed to you and you alone, who bills fairly, and who is honest with you every step of the way? Jon Katz strives to meet your goals. Jon is easy to reach, easy to talk to, and welcomes your inquiries.


handshakeFighting for criminal defendants and the Constitution is a calling that Jon Katz relishes. Jon does it not as the most lucrative way to earn a lawyer’s living, but because he believes strongly in this path and loves the work and the interaction with his clients. Our clients are what we are all about. Therefore, we work tirelessly to deliver them the best service we can, using all our experience, skill, caring, and resources to help our clients win. We do our best to help our clients go on with their lives as we work on their behalf. We welcome our clients’ ideas, inquiries and teamwork. We work with our clients as a united front against our opponents, and are happy for our opponents to know that we are prepared for battle and fearless to go to battle. We know that honey catches more flies than sandpaper, but also know that nothing beats being fully armed to battle for justice for our clients.

  • Pursuing The Best Possible Results

    When charged with a crime, your liberty and reputation are on the line. Jon Katz takes that to heart at every turn, and will work closely with you to develop and pursue a tailor-made battle plan focused on obtaining the best possible results for you..


NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Jonathan L. Katz

Here is how Jon joined the marijuana legalization cause in 1990

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