22 Jan

One-size-fits-all prosecutorial negotiating approaches disserve all parties and invite patchwork negotiating over jurisdictions and time

As glorious as are criminal trial victories, settlement negotiations are very important for many criminal defendants, because many of them are caught redhanded and have thin reeds at best for avoiding worse and significantly more punishing outcomes at trial than trough settling their case. ...

17 Jan

More on pursuing non-anger

Remember that anger -- which also contains the letters for "rage" -- is rooted in fear. Fear is weakening, not strengthening. Non-anger helps one concentrate, strategize, strengthen, achieve clarity and non-distraction, and be on top of one's game....

29 Dec

Finding Mr. Mojo Risin’ and a magical basement

My family and I fly back tomorrow to Virginia from Paris. This week's highlights in Paris relate to the importance in my law practice of drawing people into the entertainingly persuasive moment. I found Jim Morrison's grave bedecked with fans' gifts and wishes, and an...