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Fairfax, Virginia criminal lawyer – Defending in the Fairfax County Court

Fairfax County Virginia criminal defense lawyer/ DWI attorney pursuing your best defense

Fairfax Northern Virginia criminal lawyer/DWI attorney pursuing best defense

Jon Katz’s Fairfax criminal defense/ Virginia DWI law firm is located across the Fairfax County, Virginia, courthouse, with a satellite meeting office at the Arlington, Virginia courthouse Metro/subway stop.

Fairfax  is one of Virginia’s busiest courthouses, with thirteen judges in the Circuit Court, ten in the General District Court, and seven in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

Fairfax being such a busy courthouse, prosecutors for General District Court misdemeanor cases frequently will not see their cases before or else much before the first trial date, and ordinarily will not provide discovery before the trial date (other than sometimes providing incident DVD’s from police cruisers) absent a court order otherwise. Virginia law is crabbed about the scope and timing available for discovery for misdemeanors and in General District Court.

The first non-arraignment court date for a DWI case “will generally be continued [on that court date] and neither the Commonwealth nor the Defense will need to subpoena witnesses for this date.” Fairfax GDC Administrative Procedures at 5:25.

On the term date for setting felony trials, the judge should be expected to be reluctant, at best, about setting the trial date outside the term, outside particularly good reasons to do otherwise (for instance when considering the seriousness of the case, a possibly lengthy trial, and issues with witness calendars).

All visitors to the Fairfax County courthouse are permitted to bring cellphones into the building. Each courthouse has its own rules whether or not all members of the general public may bring cellphones into the building. The Fairfax courthouse has strict rules against using videotaping, photographing and audiotaping in the courthouse, using or exposing cellphones in the courtroom and having cellphones ring in the courthouse.

Our clients are invited to park in our permit-only parking lot for all visits to our office and the courthouse. The parking lot gate to the left of our office (when viewed from the street) will automatically open upon entering and exiting our lot. Please visit our staff 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to obtain a full-day parking permit for your dashboard.

For those not parking at our lot, not only is paid parking available in the covered lot to the south side of the courthouse, but often plentiful parking is available at the surface parking lot at the Fairfax City Hall, bounded by Chain Bridge Road/Route 123 and Armstrong Street.

Directions to our Fairfax office are here.