Criminal defense attorney practicing in the Leesburg, Loudoun County courthouse

Loudoun County Virginia Criminal Lawyer – Defending in the Leesburg Courthouse

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Jon Katz has defended clients in the courthouse in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, since 1999, for criminal and DWI cases. Loudoun County is one county away from Jon’s main Fairfax County, Virginia office.

Loudoun County spans the Dulles International Airport, developed business and residential areas, and farm country. The courthouse is always busy.

Unfortunately, greeting visitors to the courthouse grounds is a confederate soldier statue with rifle in hand. That is the wrong message for jurors, and is barely offset by a sidewalk plaque paying tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.  

The Leesburg courthouse, at the corner of King and Market Streets, has

The Prince William County courthouse, in Manassas off of Route 28, has four Circuit Court judges, four General District Court judges, and two Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court judges.

Loudoun County is three counties away from Washington, D.C. The jury pool should be expected to generally to be pro-police, without initial anti-prosecutorial biases.

In the county’s General District Court, hearings must be set well in advance of the requested court date, and court files must be requested well in advance for review. Fortunately, the court clerk accepts faxes from lawyers to schedule court dates and to request court files for review.

Typically, General District Court discovery can be obtained well in advance of trial from the prosecutor’s office. For such cases, the prosecutor’s office typically provides a copy of portions of the police reports that the prosecutor believes must be disclosed under Virginia Supreme Court Rule 7C:5 and makes incident videos available for review at the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Commonly the first trial date can be continued on that date in General District Court.

Loudoun County Circuit Court criminal procedural information can be found here.

Non-lawyer visitors to the Prince William County courthouse are barred from bringing cellphones that have cameras. Courthouse visitors may leave their cellphones in their cars or in the small lockers found before entering the courthouse’s security line.

Plentiful courthouse parking is found at nearby surface and covered parking lots.