Alexandria Federal Court & Beyond

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Defending against federal crimes
Pursuing the best defense

Because Jon Katz believes in lawyering without borders, he is ready to go to any court where he is licensed, to defend his clients’ liberty.

Jon is experienced defending clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. federal trial courts. He has argued for felony defendants before the United States Courts of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit and District of Columbia Circuit. Jon has sought United States Supreme Court review in several federal criminal cases.

Federal criminal defense needs to remember the particularly high quality of most federal prosecutors and many federal law enforcement agents, together with the particularly draconian pretrial bail and sentencing schemes in the federal felony law.

With the many federal agencies and parks in the capital area, all the more misdemeanor defendants in this region find themselves charged in federal court. Jon repeatedly defends such cases in the federal trial court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Federal felony defense often begins with law enforcement efforts to speak with suspects before any criminal charges have been filed. It is both critical for criminal suspects to assert their right to remain silent under the Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, and to have a lawyer advocating for them early on to try to avoid a prosecution in the first place, and to minimize continually being behind the eight-ball in defending agains federal felony charges.

Whether the federal charge is a misdemeanor, DWI charge or felony, Jon is ready to defend his clients to the hilt.


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