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Virginia criminal defense in many ways is like engaging in skydiving free-fall or solo highwire rock climbing. The challenge can be exhilarating, but it needs to be done right the first time.

Virginia includes such champions of a variety of essential civil liberties as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, but they both owned scores of slaves in a state where slaveholding was all too popular, and Jefferson only freed a minority of his slaves.

To this day, criminal defendants’ civil liberties are not sufficiently protected in Virginia, from crabbed criminal evidentiary discovery rules, to depriving criminal defendants of the automatic right to waive a jury that might be at a real risk of acting on racial prejudices, to all-too-frequent incarceration on no bond of presumed innocent criminal defendants. The solution for advancing criminal defendants’ rights is to push for changes in the law, and for the best possible defense to be presented in court.

Virginia criminal defense laweyr Jon Katz advocates without geographic nor mental borders. Geographically, Jon focuses his work in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, Prince William County and Loudoun County). At the same time Jon sometimes advocates in courthouses beyond Northern Virginia, because effective criminal defense is needed in every court and because it is a beneficial and battery-charging challenge to advocate in a variety of courthouses, where practice, procedure and jury pools vary from county to county.

Jon practices as much as possible without mental borders, because to do otherwise risks missing some of the best defenses that otherwise might be obscured by over-dwelling on the seeming feces in the case.

Jon Katz has been licensed to practice law in Virginia since 1997, having passed the Virginia bar on his first sitting, when the bar passage rate for that exam session was 45%. Nearly all of Jon’s practice is criminal defense, about evenly split between non-DWI criminal defense and DWI defense. Jon also has strong experience defending against student disciplinary proceedings, which sometimes run parallel to existing criminal court proceedings; and defending clients’ First Amendment free expression rights with libel defense, adult entertainment, and political activism and demonstrators’ rights.

Jon will be delighted to speak with you about your case, at 703-383-1100.