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Persuading through shedding the ego and agendas

My seven-year-old son from at least the time he walked has had a knack for being right when he believes a person is of good quality all around. Less often now than before, he would often walk right up to people and say hi. If they...

Trial lawyering without exhaustion and boredom

I love my work. I serve my clients and justice, I practice the art of persuasion, and I stand up against injustice. Plenty of my work, also, involves solitary moments preparing, thinking, researching, and writing. I wake for exercise and then work when most people are sleeping, and...

In Praise of Lawyer and Psychodramatist Simina Vourlis

My close friend and teacher Trudy Morse — a great grandmother who learned many key life lessons before I ever was born — once wrote in thanks to those who supported her along the path of life. Local taijiquan teacher David Walls Kaufman, who very generously...