Fairfax DUI lawyer on expecting magic from within without expectations in others. Expecting magic from myself as a criminal/ DUI defense lawyer -- and nothing from others -- is the way to go. As a Fairfax DWI/ criminal lawyer, I know that such a path is a non-dualistic way to succeed. That way, when a judge, prosecutor or police officer is inspired by themselves and/or by me to do good, I can delight in that, and when they try throwing dirt or shotgun diarrhea in the eyes of me or my client, I will simply learn from taijiquan by making whatever adjustments are needed to avoid the dirt or feces, and to re-balance the situation.

Fairfax DUI lawyer wins trial after underlining defendant's lucidity despite his wobbliness with field sobriety tests. Lucidity arguments are particularly important for DUI defendants when their physical coordination is wobbly. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I have experienced the benefits of such arguments, including in a recent DWI trial victory.

Fairfax DUI lawyer on the limits of using roadside PBT breath testing in court Roadside PBT breath testing is routinely attempted by Virginia police in Virginia DUI/DWI convictions. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I pounce on such evidence. Many -- but, unfortunately, not all -- Virginia judges sufficiently follow the dictates of Virginia Code § 18.2-267, which bars the preliminary/portable breath testing ("PBT") evidence in DUI cases other than for suppression motion hearings, and bars such evidence at a suppression hearing where the following three conditions of § 18.2-267 are met

Fairfax DUI lawyer obtains reckless driving result after prosecution witness calls in sick. Witness availability -- on the prosecution side -- always needs to be checked by the defense lawyer as part of advising a criminal or DUI defendant whether to proceed to trial and how to proceed with settlement/plea negotiations. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, my ideal is to wait until the trial date to see whether the essential prosecution witnesses have arrived to court or are reliably on call, because sometimes they do not arrive, whether because of not being subpoenaed, miscalendaring, scheduling conflicts, transportation issues, delays, sickness, disinterest, or work or family obligations.

Virginia DUI lawyer obtains DWI victory at the suppression hearing stage. DWI victory and criminal defense victory is preceded by substantial preparation. including keeping updated on the relevant science and law, obtaining and fully analyzing the case evidence, and working as a team with my criminal defense clients. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know how essential is this pretrial preparation on the road to pursuing the best possible case outcome.

Virginia DUI lawyer on getting to firm ground after a DUI arrest. Virginia DUI charges call for full and skilled defense. As a Virginia DUI lawyer following up on the first of this two-part article (entitled "Beware DUI guilty plea consequences"), I resume by addressing the actual and potentially adverse consequences from a Virginia DUI conviction.

Fairfax DUI lawyer on fallout risks from DUI convictions. Beware DUI guilty plea (and no contest/ nolo contendere/ Alford plea) consequences. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know that through very effective lobbying, by now Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and their allies have accomplished making a farce of the laws governing driving under the influence of alcohol/ driving while intoxicated (DUI and DWI), by making it a crime throughout the nation to drive with a blood alcohol/breath alcohol content of 0.08 or higher.

Commercial driver licenses ("CDL") issued in Virginia are at risk for a whole host of convictions for Virginia criminal charges and traffic infraction charges. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website here provides an overview of these CDL risks from such driving convictions as DUI/driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, refusing a breath test in a DUI case (even if only a civil offense), reckless driving, hit and run, texting while driving, and fatal crashes.

Fairfax DUI defense and DUI defense throughout Virginia often involves dealing with probation violation charges, and dealing with VASAP (the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program). Probation violation charges are too common but typically avoidable. Registering with VASAP is mandatory for anyone convicted in Virginia for DUI.

Virginia DUI charges should be fought tooth and nail by people charged with such offenses. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know the fallout from a DUI conviction, including loss of liberty through possible jail time and through probation supervision (and, therefore, risk of future jail for any probation violation finding); loss of driving privileges with stingy restricted driving privileges with the ignition interlock when granted; risks to security clearances; risks to such professionals as

Virginia DUI pitfalls loom around virtually every corner for those who get behind the wheel too soon after drinking beer, wine or other alcohol in the Commonwealth. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I address below some practical and less obvious approaches to avoiding becoming a statistic of a DUI arrestee or, worse, a criminal defendant convicted of DUI

As a Virginia DUI lawyer, I know how inaccurate are the breath testing machines used for checking breath alcohol content ("BAC") levels in people. The Intox EC/IR II machine used for introducing BAC evidence are fraught with inaccuracy. Preliminary breath test machines are even more inaccurate, both because of the equipment itself but also because police do not automatically apply the twenty minute observation period required with the Intox EC/IR II. The ignition interlock alcohol testing machine required...