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Thanks to the Virginia legislators supporting legalization of medical marijuana

The District of Columbia and Maryland have decriminalized marijuana. The two jurisdictions have also moved forward in their own peculiar ways in giving limited protection to medical marijuana use. Neighboring Virginia lags far behind. For marijuana consumers working in and near Washington, D.C., Virginia’s disadvantageous...

A convenient detailed listing of medical marijuana states

Thanks to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws for this detailed listing of states with medical marijuana laws. This list includes states that substantially limit the types of ailments permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal use.

Medical marijuana makes further headway in Maryland

Image from public domain. Medial marijuana is coming to Maryland, albeit in a limited manner. Yesterday — after the House passed a similar measure — the Maryland Senate passed legislation to arrange for state-approved agencies to distribute medical marijuana. The governor is expected to sign the...

Landlord pleads guilty for renting to medical marijuana grower

Medical marijuana may be lawful under several states’ laws. However, federal law is undisturbed by such state laws, and federal prosecutors are displaying a retrenchment — as we come closer to the 2012 presidential election — from Attorney General Holder’s early 2009 assurances that  curtailing federal...

Legalize medical marijuana now

Thanks to these medical marijuana users for admitting to their use of marijuana in urging that Maryland’s governor not veto medical marijuana legalization legislation. Thanks to Maryland Delegates Dan Morhaim and Cheryl Glenn for joining this pro-medical marijuana video.