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Guest blogger Ray Sipsa on the persuasive power of storytelling

One of my favorite people wrote an excellent piece recently on the persuasive power of storytelling. This friend permitted me to re-print his piece, with the condition that he be the anonymous Ray Sipsa, who first and last appeared in Underdog here. Thanks, Ray, for giving the okay...

The persuasive power of letting the story tell itself

Successful trial work requires throwing one’s entire self into smart, intuitive, and inspired case review and preparation; work with one’s client and all witnesses; and sweat.. By the time the lawyer appears in the courtroom stage, s/he should be so well prepared and ready to win...

Winning by favorably framing the story

Photo from website of U.S. District Court (W.D. Mi.). Many times I have blogged about the persuasive power of storytelling. It is not enough to tell a story, but to tell a gripping story, drawing the listener into the story, telling the story from the...