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Entrenched prosecution to shift- Fairfax criminal lawyer weighs in

Entrenched ways of prosecuting in Northern Virginia have been engrained in the Fairfax County commonwealth's attorney's office, starting with chief prosecutor Robert Horan from the 1960's and continuing with his successor and former deputy Ray Morrogh; in Arlington, going back to chief prosecutor Helen Fahey...

My interview about FIFA, in French on Voice of America TV

My interview starts at minute 4:00. On June 4, Voice of America television included me on a half-hour live French-speaking panel interview about the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) scandal (see the lengthy official criminal charges). The program was broadcast to countries including French-speaking...

Virginia murder convictions to no longer get death row

Virginia murder convictions now will face life without sunlight at worst Virginia murder prosecutions had a high rate of prosecutors seeking the death penalty when I started law school in 1986, making Virginia and three other states leaders in pursuing capital punishment. Those efforts included...