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Tasers: Additional Violence in Police Arsenals

Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.) Violence begets violence. If you disagree, ask the Hatfields and McCoys. During the John Kerry tasergate, the UCLA tasergate, and the Ohio tasergate (in the state of Kent Stategate), numerous commenters on blogs and online news websites proclaimed that the...

Tasergate in Ohio

Before police tasered Andrew Meyer at last week’s John Kerry town hall appearance, police repeatedly tasered a woman in Ohio earlier in September 2007, as shown above from a videocamera mounted to the police officer’s cruiser. A newspaper article is here. This tasering madness will not...

Our Police State Must Be Dismantled, One Step at a Time

How do we reverse the Nation's oppressive police state of affairs? As I have blogged for over a decade, we start by shrinking the overgrown criminal justice system, starting with steps as simple as legalizing marijuana, prostitution, and gambling; heavily decriminalizing all other drugs; eliminating...