A view into my new office

Aug 26, 2013 A view into my new office

Thanks to my wife, Younghee, for helping me to metamorphosize my office — the day after the movers departed last month — into a beautiful oasis for visitors, my staff and me. Our office’s July 22 relocation is recounted here, here and here.

I have appreciated when doctors’ and dentists’ offices offset stark images and smells of needles and alcohol. In that spirit, my office design focuses on a home living room feel rather than as a place where Blackstone (not the magician) spouts nothing but legal commentary from a time when the law talked of women as chattel, and slave ownership as legally enforceable.

Above is a photo of our reception area, through our front doors that include my law firm symbol, a symbol about pursuing victory with an eye towards getting a client’s unbalanced situation back to balance and to offset the often insufficient results from merely balancing on the scales of justice.

Our law firm symbol is about giving our full time, attention, and caring to each client
Fox News interviews me on non-English speakers on criminal juries
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