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ACLU to Craig’s Rescue

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Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.)

On September 17, I blogged about Senator Larry Craig’s inexplicable decision to talk to the cops after his arrest, and then to proceed to court without a lawyer.

Now, true to its best traditions, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a friend of the court legal memorandum urging the District Court of Hennepin County, Minnesota, to permit Mr. Craig to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct. Here, the ACLU talks about why such anti-civil libertarians as Craig are as deserving of civil liberties protection as everyone else.

The ACLU’s legal memorandum is excellent, perhaps to the point of brightening Craig’s prospects of reversing his guilty plea. If Craig pulls off getting his guilty plea reversed and stays in the Senate, will he pull an Eddie Haskell and continue to urinate on critical civil liberties issues promoted by the ACLU? Probably, but hope springs eternal. Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to a fellow listserv member for bringing this ACLU amicus filing to my attention.