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Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana and the artistry in simplicity

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As I previously wrote about a lesson from Count Basie, excess verbiage should be pared down, so as to becomes a stepping stone to an in-the-moment argument that is tighter, more confident, and more persuasive than just getting up and winging the argument.

Extraordinary musician-pianist Ahmad Jamal exemplifies that concept with the moving simplicity of the trio performance of his decades-old classic "Poinciana", played above in 2005.

When I experienced Ahmad Jamal in 1981 at the Tinker’s club in Boston, he and his band poured their hearts and excellence into the performance, which had one long set, as opposed to the common economics-driven practice today of many jazz musicians doing two or three separately paid-for sets at music clubs.

Thanks to Ahmad Jamal and the many other amazing music creators who make this world a better, more inspiring, and more magical place.