Alice Coltrane leaves the planet

Jan 29, 2007 Alice Coltrane leaves the planet

Last year, Alice Coltrane performed around the country for the last time. (From the public domain).

On November 16, 2006, I blogged about the late jazz legend John Coltrane. I wrote about the ways I seek inspiration to prepare my clients’ cases, and how John Coltrane created his masterpiece A Love Supreme after spending a long time in a little-used area of his new house.

Sadly, Alice Coltrane — who was married to John Coltrane for a few years, until his death — passed away two weeks ago. Alice Coltrane — also eventually known for many years as Swamini A. C. Turiyasangitananda — was a very talented musician, and was devoted to Eastern spirituality.

Jon Katz.

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