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An ABA Journal Blawg 100 vote for Legal Satyricon is a vote for robust, unvarnished blawgspeak

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On the surface, the Legal Satyricon’s Marc Randazza joyfully throws F-bombs, zealously bestows asshat awards, and routinely disses the residents of his former state of abode. Deeper down, he cares deeply about justice, and about lending a hand or idea to his fellow lawyers fighting on the same side of the Constitution. He may throw F-bombs more frequently, publicly, and precisely than I, but a deep caring for civil liberties and for humanity by those in power — and by everyone else –is a very common source for each of our F-bomb throwing and ranting and raving.

I look forward to the day we first meet, having been in email and phone contact for a few years now. Marc routinely attends the twice-yearly First Amendment Lawyers Association meetings. It is time for me to get back in the meetings’ saddle after being away from them for over five years.

Were Marc not a leading contender for the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 IMHO category, I would not have taken up blogspace on the race, in part because I am left to wonder how fair the process was in reaching the initial list of contenders and in part because I am cynical whether the ABA would do enough to expose blawgs as plain-spoken and worthwhile as Marc’s, rather than using tokenism in highlighting his blog at all. 

Marc’s Legal Satyricon is leading the IMHO category polls, and I encourage votes for Legal Satyricon from those of you who recognize the need for such a blawg as his, which decries and stands up to lands of bland and mediocrity (and stupidity), and which does a great job of conveying his views — whether you agree or disagree with them — with very little marketing in the way, and with no boss looking over Marc’s shoulder.

Marc is the real McCoy, giving commentary on everything from the surreal McCoys, to power abusers, to his nightmare of working for a big law firm, to those "pollut[ing] the gene pool."

To vote for the Legal Satyricon, go here after registering or logging in. You’ll be glad you did.