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Another Prosecutor Who Smokes Marijuana, & Got Nabbed – Legalize It

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Mary Jane

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Marijuana needs to be legalized now.

Marijuana use is so widespread — and more harmless than liquor use — that even a New Orleans municipal prosecutor (apparently not during his usual hours as a prosecutor) recently got nabbed when a marijuana cigarette/joint fell out of his pocket during a recent conversation with police. Certainly, he suffered lapse of judgment (or else lapse of recall that he had the joint, and that it was not more properly secured in a pocket) to be in the presence of police with marijuana (aside from the illegality of marijuana in Louisiana, and the risks a lawyer takes by engaging in any jailable conduct). (Thanks to Above the Law for providing the foregoing link.)

Earlier this year, a Texas judge got caught with over an ounce of marijuana in his hotel room. That is enough for a small party.

Being human and from the general population, many public officials get charged with crimes, whether or not they have committed those crimes. Rather than my finding poetic justice in a prosecutor’s getting nabbed for the same type of crime that s/he prosecutes, it is my hope that such experiences will enable them to better humanize and empathize with defendants caught up with the same plight, and be fairer throughout the life of the investigation and any prosecution.

Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto./I am human: nothing human is alien to me – Publius Terence.