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Are you relaxed, open and nonjudgmental, treating all as connected to you?

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Weekly local taijiquan martial arts practices and sparring remain a safe place to approach calmness in the eye of the storm with limited risk of being physically injured in the process.

The real world presents a plethora of real risks of personal and physical harm. However, we increase the risks of personal ham and decrease our chances of success the more we fear harm.

One day at the end of taijiquan practice three years ago at Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C., a fellow practitioner — who has been practicing much longer than I — emphasized the importance of being able to affirmatively answer the questions "Are you relaxed? Are you open?" That is so true for being successful in life and for persuading. I will add the importance of responding affirmatively to "Are you nonjudgmental? Do you treat all humans and other animals as connected to you?," whereby both questions are related to the need of being open. Daily taijiquan practice helps me come closer to answering yes to all the foregoing questions.

In general, people will not be more open and non-judgmental to you than you are to them. How can we be relaxed and open and connected with people who want to tear our heads off, figuratively or literally? Sports are a good place to start with such a practice, whether that be team or individual sports, and ball or non-ball sports, as long as opponents are involved. To be other than relaxed and open with all, even with opponents, increases the risk that those wishing us ill will be all the more successful in their campaigns. By being relaxed, open, non-judgmental and engaged with others, we even increase our chances of neutralizing the ill will of others towards us, and even making some of them into allies and friends.

The foregoing ideas are essential to me in litigation and life.