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Arizona sheriff says s*it happens – Premonition of things to come with Arizona’s new immigrant witchhunt law

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The Supreme Court for decades has allowed police to stop people for nothing more than reasonable articulable suspicion of criminal activity (even for such petty things as speeding, when the officer is not using a laser, radar, or speedometer pacing), and to arrest for nothing more than probable cause (which the Supreme Court has confirmed is difficult to define, but if pressed for a definition called it “reasonable grounds for a belief of guilt”). This situation is ripe for abuse with racial profiling and beyond.

With that backdrop, in late March 2010 Maricopa County sheriffs raided four McDonald’s restaurants (see the video at AZFamily.com), hunting for people without visas nor citizenship to be in the United States. The problem is that with United States law not requiring people to carry identification or other official papers with them, law enforcement people are bound to lock up lawfully-present people in such raids, including the United States citizen pictured above.

Courts, legislators, police chiefs, and government executives must act quickly to prohibit stops, detentions, and arrests of suspected undocumented people on the mere basis of accent, race, looking “foreign”, and potentially racist tips.

What is the above videotaped response of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the hours-long detention of the United States citizen depicted above? He essentially says when innocent people are arrested, they get released and life goes on. That is like saying “S*it happens.” Don’t let Arpaio and like-minded law enforcement folks make s*it happen.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to Carlos Miller for posting on this story and the above-displayed video.

Here is an article and video about an American citizen arrested on suspicion of being in the United States unlawfully.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik says the new Arizona law to detain people suspected of being unlawfully in the United States is racist, and he will not enforce it. Kudos to Sheriff Dupnik.