As we approach our first anniversary

Jul 01, 2009 As we approach our first anniversary

Last July, my decade-long former law partner Jay Marks and I opened our separate law firms. The good karma with which we made this transition — including sending out a joint news release — has continued to this day, and dates back to our first meeting at a six-year-old birthday party in Connecticut in 1969. His immigration law firm and my criminal defense firm — three blocks apart — continue to thrive and to keep great joint relations. 

In these days of so many acrimonious law firm splits, I thank Jay, his staff, and my staff for making the transition as seamless and friendly as signing a new lease; installing phone lines, paint and new carpet; printing up new stationery; updating my website; buying some new furniture; and loading up the moving truck. T’ai chi master T.T. Liang, who lived to 102 and never a pushover in any way — which is an understatement — had ten guiding principles, including to make a thousand friend and not one enemy.

I also thank my staff for being my dream team, all with excellent previous law firm experience, keeping me on top of my game, taking good care of clients when I am in and out of court, and arriving on time like a Swiss watch. David has been with my law firm from the day we moved in, and begins law school next month. Letam joined us last December as our part-time assistant, while attending the University of Maryland, where she will graduate next May. Shannon joined us last month as a full-time legal assistant, having graduated in May from the University of Maryland. It is a great feeling to know that when I am in court, everything is being taken care of well at the office, and I thank my staff every day for the wonderful work they do and the great karma they bring with them.  

Also new to my current law firm, since last fall, is my Virginia branch office in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Through the northern Virginia office suite company that rents to me, I have meeting space available in both Tysons Corner and in Arlington, across from the courthouse. A map of the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan area shows how close northern Virginia is to Washington, D.C., and the Maryland counties bordering thereon, and I am thankful that the last law firm I worked for required me to take the Virginia bar exam, after having already been a member of the Maryland and D.C. bars.

Thanks, Jay, and thanks to my staff for a great first year. Jon Katz

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