Author: Jon Katz

18 Aug

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our entirely overhauled webdesign! Our outdated circa 1999 webdesign and 2006 blog program have been replaced by a user-friendly WordPress platform.Our webmaster has done a great job in developing and masterminding our new web design and platform. She has also performed wonderfully at...

20 Jul

A magical evening with Neil Young

Until last month, rarely did I blog less frequently than twice weekly. My blogging frequency first reduced last month because doing otherwise resulted in strange symbols getting inserted into my prior blog entries due to a bug in my blog's WYSYWIG option (standing for "what...

05 Jan

Gatewood Galbraith leaves the planet

Image from public domain.In 1990, before Al Gore invented the Internet, I obtained a substantial bulk of my information about the marijuana legalization movement from High Times magazine, which I started subscribing to in protest of a federal prosecutor's subpoena of the magazine's advertiser records,...

02 Jan

The boundlessness of music

Constantly challenging effective trial performance are evidentiary rules, procedural rules, judge-directed rules, rules, rules, and more rules.Music helps me transcend the seeming limits of such rules. As John Coltrane said, "There is never any end. There are always new sounds to imagine."Making imaginative music does...

30 Dec

The persuasive power of harmonious living

The two tigers and the strawberry have taught me well about learning to find powerfully persuasive calmness in the eye of the storm. Eliminating fear, and being powerfully and persuasively fulfilled and joyful, calls for summoning, keeping and tempering the fearlessness of one's child within, filled...