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Back from spreading the Bill of Rights gospel at the University of Maryland

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Bill of Rights

Following up on my September 18 blog entry:

This past Monday night, I spoke on a Know Your Rights panel at the University of Maryland.

I urged all attendees to widely distribute the Busted video that was screened as a prelude to our panel discussion. It is available free on YouTube. I told the audience about the many potential and retained clients who visit me, see excerpts of Busted on my computer monitor, and have their face go into an “Oh, sh*t” expression; for instance “oh sh*t – you mean I did not have to let the cops search my trunk?”.

I distributed my essential Top Ten rights list in dealing with the police. I will be more than delighted to see fewer arrests — and thus fewer potential and actual clients — by the far-and-wide distribution of the foregoing Top Ten list and Busted video.

Also on the panel were Flex Your Rights/Busted’s Steve Silverman, who is a perennial inspiration to people to courageously stand up for their Constitutional rights. Sitting between us was Paul Dillon from the campus police, which has its fingers in many area prosecutions, including suspected drunk drivers who are caught in the campus vicinity on Route 1. I congratulate the organizers for inviting someone from an alternative view from me and Steve, and to the campus police and Mr. Dillon for accepting the invitation. Jon Katz