Baltimore police tase woman filming an arrest, and then call her a “dumb bitch”

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Feb 02, 2015 Baltimore police tase woman filming an arrest, and then call her a “dumb bitch”

On March 30, 2014, Kianga Mwamba was performing an important public service by videotaping police arresting a man on a Baltimore street; do not let police operate in the shadows. Although I cannot tell clearly enough from the video itself, Ms. Mwamba says she saw several police officers beating the man. She says that after police told her either to move on or park, she was unable to do either because of the police surrounding her car.

Ms. Mwamba — whose father is a Maryland Capitol Police officersays one police officer struck her and tried to drag her out of the car, and another tased her. The video shows her being tased, and soon after being called a “dumb bitch” by a cop who told her she had just tried to run over a police officer. In fact, police then charged Ms. Mwamba with counts including felony assault and resisting arrest, as I confirmed on the Maryland courts website.

If the police officers’ hands were clean, then why did the incident video — which she told police about — get deleted, as Ms. Mwamba alleges, from her phone when the phone was in police custody? Praised be the perpetual cloud, which preserved the video.

The related assault charge against Ms. Mwamba was dismissed in September 2014. The Baltimore City police department in December called the officer’s “dumb bitch” language “both offensive and unacceptable.”

In December 2014, Ms. Mwamba filed a police misconduct lawsuit over this incident.

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