Barack Obama as Samuel Beckett in “Waiting for the Change”

Nov 24, 2008 Barack Obama as Samuel Beckett in “Waiting for the Change”


Bill of Rights (From public domain.)

Waiting for Godot is a masterpiece play by Samuel Beckett, about two men in inertia waiting for some being named Godot who has made no promise to arrive. The play is a precursor of sorts to Neil Young’s "Wonderin", about a stalker — I mean heartbroken man — who is so heartbroken that he is in denial that the object of his love will never return to town.


It now seems that Barack Obama is not only a fan of Waiting for Godot, but that he also has tried to cast us as unwilling participants waiting for what will not arrive. Change at the Justice Department’s helm? Then, why did Obama name Eric Holder, who with the Clinton administration took the easy approach to seek to lock up people, rather than to find a way out of a criminal justice system that by now overburdens cash-strapped governments and that apparently ensnares at least one percent of the American population?


Change in the State Department? Then why did Obama name Hillary Clinton, who has never distanced herself from the policies of Bill Clinton, which included bombing — or clearly giving the green light to NATO forces to bomb — the Serbian state television headquarters during the United States’ fighting against Serbia, which did not create any warm and fuzzy feeling about how committed he was to protecting free speech and free press in the United States.

I have an idea, Mr. Obama. Just change your mind, and go back to the drawing board with your picks for Attorney General and Secretary of State. For Attorney General, I suggest considering Laurence Tribe, Nadine Strossen, and Arthur Spitzer. For Secretary of State, I suggest considering Jimmy Carter or Dennis Kucinich, despite their many flaws.

Jon Katz.

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