Behind the Super Bowl are gender segregation, commercialism, drug testing and metal detectors

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Feb 02, 2014 Behind the Super Bowl are gender segregation, commercialism, drug testing and metal detectors

The last Super Bowl I watched was over twenty years ago, and I likely will not watch today’s, unless my seven-year-old son wants to. I enjoy watching highly skilled athletes live; the experience is never the same on television, and I like avoiding the commercials, the small screen, and the camera determining what I am going to focus on. I especially like a good lacrosse game and some of the televised daring non-ball sports, including wild obstacle courses. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, I saw, at their home bases, some great Knicks, Celtics, Lakers , Bruins, and Yankees games. Later, the Yankees put doo-doo on their games by prohibiting people from leaving their seats during the national anthem, or maybe that was the case even when I attended in the late 1970’s, without my knowing it.

Only a few decades ago, professional baseball, for one, barred African American players.

The local Washington, D.C., team, the Redskins, barred African-American players until the Kennedy Administration warned the team of federal sanctions if that did not end. The team continues the Redskins name that sounds no more enlightened than if the team were called the Blackskins. Worse, plenty of fans and local WTOP radio announcers use the shorthand “Skins” for the team. See the foregoing article on the relic that the name Redskins needs to become.

For me, my ability to enjoy professional sports is dampened by the team gender segregation (and society’s heavy focus on men’s over women’s teams), the heavy commercialism , rampant drug testing (which is part of the decades-old rampant drug testing madness that permeates courthouses, that begins all sorts of new jobs that are not harmed at all by relaxing at home with a joint, and that excessively invades our overall privacy), and metal detectors at stadiums (let alone at so many other places).

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