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More on the power of words and of silence

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I underline to my clients and witnesses that the courthouse walls and halls have ears, so they must beware what passersby and courtroom denizens might hear.

Beyond even the courthouse walls and halls, we must beware of saying or emailing anything negative about anyone that we would not say directly to the person we are describing. Recently, for instance, I was chatting with a woman in the courthouse, and the subject of her husband arose. i inquired about him as if I did not know who he was, which I did not. The woman told me he was a judge in the courthouse. Had I had any ill thoughts about this judge and shared them with this woman before, or after, she revealed her husband’s name, that would have gone over like an acid lead balloon.

If a judge does not belong on the bench, if a prosecutor is abusing his or her position, and if a cop is abusing the truth, they need to be called out for it in an effective way. However, sitting around calling any of them an a**hole to colleagues accomplishes nothing and might open unnecessary cans of worms.