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Bill Kunstler on camera

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Disturbing the Universe, by William Kunstler’s daughters Emily and Sarah.

Thanks to a fellow criminal defense lawyer for recently circulating links to this PBS documentary on Kunstler, both in the long and abbreviated versions. 

I had a chance to meet Bill Kunstler in 1995 when he was invited to visit with the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association. I think I was out of town that day. I anticipated I was going to meet him at the then-upcoming Trial Lawyers College, where he was listed as a faculty member. It didn’t happen. I never met him. 

Two months later, he left the plane

ADDENDUM: Thanks to a friend for providing this link to further audio and video of Bill Kunster.

The late William Kunstler was a radical lawyer who, like myself, started out practicing mainstream civil law (in his case, small business and family law, and, in my case, civil litigation and regulatory work for financial institutions and transportation companies). Bill Kunstler inspired me with his maintaining a balance of humor while fighting for justice. For instance, he would bring coffee and donuts to the Jewish Defense League members who would protest outside his office for his representation of El Sayyid Nosair. During summers in upstate New York, he sent his daughters to a summer camp run by conservative Christians, seeing that it did not seem to cause any problems for his daughters (who perhaps littered the camp with progressive radical tracts and rants).