Bloggers and webmasters: Lend me your ears

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Mar 04, 2008 Bloggers and webmasters: Lend me your ears

Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory’s website).

To my fellow bloggers and webmasters, and to Internet tekkies:

As you know from my earlier post, our entire website and blog were down during primetime this morning when a server was down at our websitehosting company. In a day when all sorts of sitehosts promote cheap sitehosting, we invest in reliable sitehosting.

However, even the most reliable sitehost is going to suffer downed servers from time to time. Therefore, please give me your recommendations for sitehosts who use redundant servers or any other technology to have a seamless or near-seamless transition to redundant server access when the main sitehost server is down.

When I seek a sitehost, I also keep in mind the following: FrontPage compatibility (tekkies laugh at FrontPage, but hundreds of our webpages already run FrontPage), speed and efficiency in accessing our webpages and email, technical assistance with our blog software, no censorship of content, no cookies (except to the extent cookies are needed to add comments to our blog, which reduces spammed comments), quality email service (including sufficient archive space and software to manage archived emails), good cookie-free site statistics, and good website access to our email and to configuring our email and Internet preferences (including blacklisting unwanted email addresses and e-domain names, and whitelisting wanted email addresses). Our current sitehost is good for all of the foregoing matters; my only problem with our sitehost is when our server goes down (which seems to happen around twice monthly for over five or ten minutes, and also around 3:00 a.m. when our site statistics are being uploaded) and when our email goes down (sometimes for over one-half hour once every month or two).

Thanks for any input on my seeking a quality sitehost with redundant servers.

Jon Katz.

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