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Bloggers: Upload police beating videos

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NOTE: The link to the video covered in this blog entry is listed here, but the still photo of the video has been removed due to formatting problems that followed.

Despite the years of publicized videos of police using excessive force and outright assaults against unarmed civilians, too many police still do it.

The idea is not to get cops to conduct beatings behind closed doors and away from cameras, but for them to stop in the first place. As I have said repeatedly, we will have better police, better police hiring, better police training, better police supervision and review, and better police personnel support once the criminal justice system is substantially shrunk by legalizing marijuana, heavily decriminalizing all other drugs, eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing, and eliminating the death penalty. Until the system is shrunk, I urge bloggers and static website owners to do their part to speak up against police abuse and to post videos catching cops unjustly assaulting civilians.

Shown above is a video released this past Friday, that has been making the Internet rounds of a November 29, 2008, beating by then-sheriff’s deputy Paul Schene, of the King County, Washington sheriff’s department, while an unidentified collleague is within ten feet of the beating, doing nothing to stop it. You can easily post the video — which includes the police beating victim possbly lightly kicking the cop, but seems too far away to do so — to your blog or website by embedding the embedding code listed hereJon Katz