Blogging prosecutor announces own firing

Dec 15, 2008 Blogging prosecutor announces own firing

On the Objection blog, anonymous blogger Gspeezy last Thursday announced his or her firing as a prosecutor, apparently in Washington state. S/he did not say the reason.

Since early 2008, Gspeezy blogged anonymously not to protect his or her identity, but, s/he wrote, for such reasons as acknowledging the rights of those against whom s/he litigated. Therefore, it seems his or her boss knew his or her blogging identity. Gspeezy’s blog does not show one way or another whether his or her blog impacted Gspeezy’s job termination.

Underlining how important it is to find the humanity in our opponents and not just our allies, Gspeezy’s blog revealed a rocky year of plenty of days filled with boredom, job frustration, treading water to catch up with work obligations, getting his or her personal life organized, and an announcement two months ago incorrectly anticipating a long suspension of blog entries

Ironically, I learned of Gspeezy’s job termination not long after learning about the Objection blog and about its author’s job termination. Not many prosecutor blogs exist, and they are one way for me to get a better understanding of my opponents. If you have any prosecutor blogs to suggest adding to my blogroll, please send me the URL. Jon Katz.

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