Bob Etheridge should have left “Who Are You” to Roger Daltrey

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Jun 16, 2010 Bob Etheridge should have left “Who Are You” to Roger Daltrey

No matter how stressed Bob Etheridge was, or not. No matter how much the creators of last week’s above-displayed video had been trailing him and egging him on, or not. No matter what the video does not show. No matter his political party or overall politics. Etheridge went beyond the pale with his manhandling shown in the video.

Inexcusable violence knows no political party boundaries. Nor does hypocrisy, because if the shoe had been on the other political party’s foot, the opposing party would have been having the same field day that Republicans now are having.

Etheridge’s apology on his Congressional website is lame.  Although I knew nothing about him before this week, I suppose his thin reply is meant not only to try to salvage his Congressional career, but also perhaps to protect against the initiation of and defeat in any criminal prosecution for assault. The Democratic National Committee is being silly concerning any effort it makes to deflect this scandal from Etheridge himself. claims to have unedited tapes of the incident, here

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