Burma’s tyrannical government reverting to its crackdown ways

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Sep 27, 2007 Burma’s tyrannical government reverting to its crackdown ways

On September 26, I wondered about the willingness of Burma’s tyrannical government to start firing on its own peacefully demonstrating citizens. On the same day, the shootings, killings, arrests, and beatings began. Countless nonviolent demonstrators resiliently continued their protest. By the time this blog entry gets uploaded to the Internet, further news will have been reported.

To nonviolent social activists everywhere, I bow to and am inspired by your courage in the face of tyrannical government responses. To governments responding tyrannically to nonviolent social activists, I say STOP NOW. Jon Katz

ADDENDUM: Updates on the Burmese demonstrations and the government’s inhumane crackdown are coming in at a dizzying pace, including:

Burmese soldiers intensify violent crackdown, and include raids on monasteries.

– Very slow pace is likely, at best, for moving Burma to democracy and away from human rights violations, so long as China, Russia and India continue supporting and supplying its government.

– Unlike Burma’s choking of demonstrators’ communications in 1988, cellphones transcend such efforts.

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