Can a hug end war?

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Oct 08, 2009 Can a hug end war?

Thanks to Juan Mann and the Free Hugs Campaign


My website’s site statistics show that six people have found my blog this month with the keyword "hugging culture", which finds my October 2007 hugging blog entry as the first google result.

If people are not going to receive and give literal hugs, then at least figurative hugs are in order, starting with sharing warmth rather than coldness, shedding our protective armor more often, connecting rather than disconnecting, being empathetic, and recognizing that we all are interconnected and that we harm ourselves when we inflict direct or indirect violence to other human and non-human animals, including when we eat meat, fish and fowl. That certainly would make the world a better place, during these times of excessive violence, economic devastation, severe miscarriages of social justice, misery, and disconnect.

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