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Carol and David Keeffe murdered

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On the Trial Lawyers College listserv yesterday came news of the passing of David Keeffe, who had attended one or more TLC programs, and his wife, Carol. The news reports that they were shot dead.

I never met David. The news accounts show David and Carol were very caring people. He litigated civil and criminal cases, including murder defense.

It seems the police investigation includes whether the killer(s)’ motive was related to any legal work David had done. Whether or not that was the motive, in recent times alone there have been numerous incidents of lawyers and judges murdered by disgruntled litigation parties. Lawyers and judges must not let such risks interfere with their fulfilling their obligations to justice to the hilt.

Criminal defense lawyers must not let the horror of murder prevent them from defending alleged murderers; even if the defendant is guilty — which often a lawyer does not know for sure — to refuse to defend an alleged murderer serves to create a criminal justice system lopsided in favor of the legalized murder of capital punishment, and in favor of the prosecution, which must have the burden of proving alleged crimes beyond a reasonable doubt.

I send my deep condolences to David and Carol’s family. Jon Katz.