Constitutional Law

03 May

LA police brutalize demonstrators and the press

As I have said before, police misconduct will neither stop nor abate enough until everybody insists on and achieves a radical and positive overhaul of policing and police hiring/training/supervision/discipline; and a radical and positive overhaul of the criminal justice system, including heavily decriminalizing drugs (and legalizing marijuana,...

16 Apr

Gouging inmates to call their families

Absent extreme circumstances, nothing justifies shutting off inmates from the outside world. (Image from Bureau of Prisons' website). Every month, one of the largest chunks of our law firm's phone bill is for calls from inmates seeking our services, awaiting trials, or in the appellate process. The...

12 Mar

FBI Director: Oops! We broke the law

Let's not return to (or remain with) the dark ages of J. Edgar Hoover. (Image from Library of Congress.) It is not enough that the FBI Director and Attorney General admit that the FBI violated Patriot Act limits on domestic spying multiple times, nor that they claim they...

20 Feb

Our military law practice

Pentagon (From National Reconnaissance Office's website).Washingtonian magazine includes me in its most recent listing of the area's top military lawyers. My litigation work involving the military has involved defending military members in criminal court (including addressing the landmines that a conviction might have on their security clearances...

04 Jan

Paying taxes to be spied upon

Today, it is hard to pick one's nose without it being caught by surveillance, whether one is driving by traffic cameras, buying diapers at the Target store (which has more visible security cameras than I have seen in any other retail establishment), walking on the...

03 Jan

Abu Ghraib was the tip of the iceberg

Sadly, just as the My Lai massacre was a larger scale example of widespread war atrocities by American soldiers in Vietnam, the Abu Ghraib atrocities by American soldiers is but a sample of gross violations of wartime detainees being held by the American military. This...