Constitutional Law

10 Jun

Why I oppose Obama’s spying-gate

Challenging Obama’s spying-gate. (Fox News, June 8, 2013). After my June 8, 2013, appearance on Fox News over Obama's spying-gate (see here, here and here for the stories), I state here my main reasons for opposing the Obama Administration's spying on millions of people's phone and...

28 May

New York federal trial judge enjoins new statute allowing indefinite domestic detention for accusations of terrorism-related activity

Last November, I urged readers to oppose a provision of the Defense Authorization Bill that empowers the military domestically to detain United States citizens, Unfortunately, the measure passed. Praised be one of the newer federal trial judges, Obama appointee Katherine B. Forrest (S.D.N.Y.) (who graduated law school...

22 Jan

The civil liberties price of air travel

  Bill of Rights (from the public domain) Off come the shoes. Out come the lotions. Then come the line for those randomly-selected for a choice of invasive x-rays or invasive patdowns, and the line for those listed for always requiring enhanced security screening. That is what awaits people departing domestically and internationally from...