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11 Sep

September 11: fourteen years later

In airports and beyond, our civil liberties have been tremendously curtailed after September 11. After first dealing with the horror and sadness of the tragedies of that day, anger ran rampant with countless people, and I do not fault the feelings of anger. How best...

31 Aug

Wayne Dyer leaves his body

Underdog does not often post about people who have passed. Wayne Dyer clearly merits that honor. Wayne Dyer has been tremendously inspirational to me on the path to enhancing the success I obtain for my clients, my family, and myself. I have intentionally bypassed many self-help...

18 Aug

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our entirely overhauled webdesign! Our outdated circa 1999 webdesign and 2006 blog program have been replaced by a user-friendly WordPress platform. Our webmaster has done a great job in developing and masterminding our new web design and platform. She has also performed wonderfully at...

20 Jul

A magical evening with Neil Young

Until last month, rarely did I blog less frequently than twice weekly. My blogging frequency first reduced last month because doing otherwise resulted in strange symbols getting inserted into my prior blog entries due to a bug in my blog's WYSYWIG option (standing for "what...

20 Apr

The Underdog blog turns 9 today, Happy 420

Today, Underdog turned nine years old. Underdog launched on 4-20-06.with this tribute to 420. Reprinted below is our 4-20-08 anniversary blog entry: Since our 2006 launching, Underdog has blogged an average of at least half the business week, often more frequently. Our first anniversary blog entry is here. Why do I blog? Through blogging, I...