Chalk away – The First Amendment lives!

Apr 25, 2012 Chalk away – The First Amendment lives!

Congratulations and thanks to my First Amendment Lawyers Association brother members Richard Wilson and Gary Edinger, and their colleague Christopher Cronon, for overcoming a content-based arrest and prosecution of a man for chalking his opinions on the sidewalk outside a courthouse. The case is Osmar v. Orlando, Case No. 6:12-cv-00185-DAB (M.D. Fl.)

I have uploaded the following key documents in this case:

Case docket.


Preliminary Injunction motion.

Defendant’s opposition to an injunction.

Defendant’s Motion to dismiss complaint.

Defendant’s motion to recuse judge.

Denial of defendant’s recusal motion.

Permanent injunction opinion.

Here is an article on the case. Above is a video of Osmar’s arrest that led to this civil litigation.

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