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Chalk away – The First Amendment lives!

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Congratulations and thanks to my First Amendment Lawyers Association brother members Richard Wilson and Gary Edinger, and their colleague Christopher Cronon, for overcoming a content-based arrest and prosecution of a man for chalking his opinions on the sidewalk outside a courthouse. The case is Osmar v. Orlando, Case No. 6:12-cv-00185-DAB (M.D. Fl.)

I have uploaded the following key documents in this case:

– Case docket.

– Complaint.

– Preliminary Injunction motion.

– Defendant’s opposition to an injunction.

– Defendant’s Motion to dismiss complaint.

– Defendant’s motion to recuse judge.

– Denial of defendant’s recusal motion.

– Permanent injunction opinion.

Above is a video of Osmar’s arrest that led to this civil litigation.