Facing down DARE

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Mar 27, 2016 Facing down DARE

All the fanfare about Nancy Reagan after her recent death, should not be allowed to obscure Ms. Reagan’s overly-simplistic “Just Say No To Drugs” campaign.

Similarly, D.A.R.E.’s overly simplistic anti-drug message needs to be offset by practical considerations, including that the so-called drug war entrenches the United States as a police state, and that when taken to its logical conclusion, saying “no” to all drugs encompasses both drugs that are lawfully and unlawfully sold and purchased.

Last week, the Safeway grocery store on Washington, D.C.’s 17rh Street near Q St., NW, allowed DARE to run a propaganda table in front of the store.

DARE is all about perpetuating our police state, police power, and the civil liberties -violative “drug war”.

On my way out of the grocery store, the woman at the table invited me to get information on DARE. I replied to her and her cohort with my business card and that we need drug law reform. They had no reply other than to say that toys were going to be donated to children at the local hospital. Perhaps the people at this DARE table have not been trained how to handle such challenges to DARE.

Keep on challenging DARE. Replace the drug war with legalizing marijuana, decriminalizing all other drugs, eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing, and reversing the harshness of criminal sentencing guidelines.

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