“Chicago 10” on screen

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Feb 28, 2008 “Chicago 10” on screen

Among my many influences from the Sixties are the Chicago Seven/Eight trial (the number of trial defendants went to seven after Bobby Seale was separated from the remaining defendants, but not before the trial judge ordered him bound and gagged); Ram Dass and his heavily influential Be Here Now; Bhagavan Das, who introduced Ram Dass to being here now; and Jack Kerouac, whose 1950’s On the Road approach to life and writings heavily influenced the hippie movement.

Now in movie theaters is the Chicago 10 film from writer-director Brett Morgen, which I look forward to watching. The number ten in the film’s title comes from adding criminal defense lawyers William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass to the original eight defendants. Posted above is the movie preview. If you see the film, I look forward to seeing  your comments posted here. Jon Katz

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