Columbus did not discover America. We will be open today

Oct 11, 2010 Columbus did not discover America. We will be open today

We will be open today, October 11. I do not agree with the holiday, particularly when no federal holiday exists to remember the Native Americans who suffered tremendously from the lengthy brutal and unjust treatment that followed over the years and centuries after Columbus’s arrival in the Western Hemisphere.  

As I understand it, Columbus was not even the first European explorer to find the Western Hemisphere. Perhaps all that was different about Columbus is that his arrival there led in rapid sequence to land grabs and domination in the hemisphere primarily by Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and France.

Multiple state governments and schools are open today. The Wall Street Journal had a good article last year covering the widespread disagreement with having an official holiday honoring Christopeher Columbus.

Instead of calling today Columbus day, I agree with those calling it Indigenous Peoples Day

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Our office will be open October 11
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