Comments welcomed, and no longer moderated at the front end

Mar 17, 2009 Comments welcomed, and no longer moderated at the front end

What is worse — moderating blog comments before they see the light of day, or reviewing them daily to remove those promoting irrelevant miracle Viagra substitutes or linking to vile racist videos?

For Underdog’s first year using blog software, I did not moderate comments. Then, for the reasons discussed here, I moderated for fourteen months thereafter.

I have eliminated front-end moderation again, because I want to encourage people to visit Underdog not only as a place to read my views, but to more instantly exchange views with each other and with me. Many readers have left excellent comments that enlighten me all the more, and I deeply appreciate that.

Consequently, starting today, I have changed the comment section above my blogroll, to read: 

"Please comment if a posting sparks your interest or gets your goat. To comment, cookies must be activated, and Internet Explorer is ideal. We will err on the side of not deleting comments that are relevant even if they might offend."


ADDENDUM: August 30, 2011- Comments generally are not moderated at the front end during the first seven days that a blog entry is posted, unless the comment contains an excess number of links.

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