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Community service & interlock options for Virginia DUI defendants

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Jan 23, 2019 Community service & interlock options for Virginia DUI defendants

Community service & interlock options for Virginia DUI defendants

Community service & interlock options for Virginia DUI defendants

Community service options abound, says Virginia DUI lawyer

Community service often is important to assist with DUI/ DWI/ criminal case negotiations and any court sentencing. As a Virginia DWI lawyer, my clients often ask about their community service options, so I list them here for the convenience of all. My clients also ask about the ignition interlock, so I also write about that below.

Virginia criminal lawyer on the value of a criminal defendant’s doing homework before court

As a Virginia DUI lawyer, I provide my clients with a tailor-made homework plan that might assist the progress of their case.

For the community service component of this criminal case homework, I posted a detailed 2016 blog entry on tackling this task. Below is an expanded list of volunteer service options, most of which are easy to find and handle.

Virginia DWI attorney’s suggested list of community service options

Below are some suggested agencies for my clients to consider for doing documented community service. I remind my clients that they can consider doing community service at a mixture of organizations, and can consider volunteer service that might enhance their resumes and enable them to meet interesting people. I recommend avoiding political and for-profit volunteer service work, although nursing homes are fine even if for profit.

Fairfax criminal lawyer’s suggested community service options

Here are some community service options:

– Libraries

– Parks

– Homework assistance and other assistance to students

– Soup kitchens and food banks

– Teaching illiterate and insufficiently literate people

– Nursing homes (avoid hospitals if they have a review process that will slow down starting volunteer service work)

– Habitat for Humanity stores and building projects

– Goodwill and Salvation Army

– Meals on Wheels

– Animal shelters

– Senior citizen organizations

– Non-profit fundraisers

Community service that can be done at home

– Transcribing historical documents for the Virginia State Library Making History project

Voice-recording documents for blind people

Challenges for minors seeking community service Some community service centers might bar minors out of legal liability concerns. Minors’ community service options can include improving parks, the above-referenced at-home options, and checking with one’s house of worship.e

Additional ideas can be found by Googling for local volunteer opportunities, checking with the United Way and other non-profit umbrella organizations, and in Northern Virginia checking with Volunteer Fairfax’s website and its personnel.

Virginia DUI attorney warns to avoid for-profit “community service” scams

Unfortunately, knowing how extensive is the demand to find community service opportunities, scammers exist who for a fee will arrange to provide documentation of completing such non-community service as reading articles (as opposed to audio-recording writings for blind people) and taking no action on them. Avoid all scams.

Virginia DWI lawyer on ignition interlock options

For my Virginia DUI clients required to drive with the alcohol ignition interlock, I point out the following:

– The four ignition interlock companies approved by VASAP are Draeger, Alcolock, Life Safer, and Smart Start. I advise my clients on my preferred interlock companies and about the interlock company locations most conveniently located to my clients.

– Unless your vehicle is unusual, ignition interlock companies often will not bill to install the interlock. If one company bills for installation, the consumer can point out that they have the option of looking for a company that will not bill for such installation.

– If the selected interlock installation company will not provide a same-day or next-day installation appointment, the company might change its tune if the consumer points out that the consumer will then check other companies’ schedules.

– I remind my clients to contact me around a month before their six-month interlock installation anniversary, for us to arrange any necessary court hearing to move for leave to remove the ignition interlock.

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  • John Iorio
    Posted at 21:39h, 24 January Reply

    I have had the lifesafer interlock for 2 and 1/2 years now…I like it!!….It has helped me cut way down on my drinking. Its zero- tolerance, so no more all- night partying if I want to drive the next day…I am going to get a cheaper one on my own in august when my court- mandate is up.

    • Jon Katz
      Posted at 20:56h, 20 March Reply

      Interlocks are fine on a voluntary basis not involving the courts and government. However, they are sensitive machines that can indicate the presence of alcohol from topical skin products and apparently even from eating white bread.

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