Cops: Stop being taser-happy – Tasers can kill

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Nov 16, 2007 Cops: Stop being taser-happy – Tasers can kill

Too many cops use tasers like Lays potato chips, unable to wait to use them, and then continuing the impatience by applying them in rapid-fire order. The latest example comes from the recent Vancouver airport tasering that led to the death of Robert Dziekanski. Mr. Dziekanski had arrived from his native Poland, and did not speak English, which likely only added to his agitation at arriving at the airport, being delayed for multiple hours for immigration processing, and not finding his mother, who had returned home under the mistaken impression that he had not been on his arriving flight.

Adding insult to injury, cops seized the above-displayed video footage taken by a civilian, only releasing it days later when the photographer threatened to take action to recover the footage. Everybody, please liberally use your cellphone cameras and video cameras to record police abuse and to release the footage to the press, YouTube and LiveLeak. (The laws in some places put limits on recording without the subjects’ permission, but such rules should be ripe for challenge at least when the greater good is served by recording police abuse.) Jon Katz.

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