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Criminal defense is war

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If criminally charged, arm yourself with a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

Last week, one of my two assistants filmed and produced my first YouTube video, talking about how to deal with the police. In thirty minutes, she later showed me how to work the camera and tripod myself, and I then used the equipment to tape last Friday’s presentations on U.S. relations with Japan and Cuba.

Yesterday, I took the equipment to the beach after finishing court four blocks away in Ocean City, Maryland. In the resulting above-displayed YouTube video, my message includes the truism that all criminal defense is war that calls not only for skill in battle and knowing when, how, and best to defend and attack, but also intelligence and information about the judge, jury panel, prosecutor, opposing witnesses and the lay of the rest of the land.

On the technical video side, I have not yet found a wireless microphone compatible with my JVC Everio camera. If you have any tips for such equipment, or for a replacement small camera with such a feature (that includes a monitor I can watch while self-taping), please let me know. Once I have such a feature, I can stand farther away from the camera’s built-in microphone and minimize background noise. You can see all my YouTube videos hereJon Katz