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D.C. Circuit gives meaning to Second Amendment

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Image from the Government Printing Office’s website.

After posting three days ago that the D.C. Circuit struck down the District of Columbia’s handgun ban, I had a chance to read the opinion more fully. The D.C. Circuit has hit the Second Amendment head-on, ruling squarely that individuals have gun-ownership rights under the Second Amendment. The court ruled that gun ownership may be regulated, but not banned outright. This ruling stands in stark contrast to many courts that have turned the Second Amendment into a creampuff.

Here is a March 12, 2007, opinion piece on this issue from Robert A. Levy of the CATO Institute, who served as co-counsel against D.C.’s handgun ban. Here is a March 11 article about his clients. Here is a March 10 article on the case.

Jon Katz.