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D.C. Contemplative Law Group meets June 18 – Join us

Call Us: 703-383-1100

The D.C. Contemplative Law Group — whose meetings I have coordinated for nearly a year — next meets Tuesday, June 18, as detailed below.

All lawyers, legal professionals, judges and law clerks are invited to join our monthly gatherings — usually held the last Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in mindfulness or meditation practice, or in an alternative to cutthroat relationships among lawyers, the D.C. Contemplative Law Group is worth a visit. We also maintain a lightly-posted email listserv that announces our meetings and has some additional discussion.

D.C. Contemplative Law Group, June 18, 7-8:30 p.m.

Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Second Floor

4708 Wisconsin Ave., NW (West side of Wisconsin Ave., between Chesapeake and Davenport Streets)

Washington, D.C. 20016

Space Donation: $10 or less per person (depending on how many people attend; the space donation is $45 for the 90 minutes).

Metro: Tenleytown (Exit on the west side of Wisconsin Avenue, and walk around 3 blocks up the street/hill)

Parking: Plentiful (usually right in front of the building and side street)

Feel free to bring dinner, or not, from Whole Foods or another nearby eatery.

After brief introductions of one another, we will do twenty minutes of meditation guided by a member, followed by a guided group discussion, ordinarily overlapping the practice of law with mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness and meditation by now are in the mainstream in society, where they always have belonged. Here is my blog entry on the June 2012 contemplative law retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery.

Please RSVP to me, jon@katzjustice.com, 301-495-7755, ext. 224, or else drop by unannounced. We already have at least four attendees confirmed.