D.C.’s Mayor should soon be signing marijuana decriminalization into law

Mar 05, 2014 D.C.’s Mayor should soon be signing marijuana decriminalization into law

The District of Columbia’s City Council yesterday passed the marijuana decriminalization bill, with the mayor expected to sign it. A previous favorable City Council vote took place last month. Once the District of Columbia signs this and any other legislation, the United States House and Senate have a sixty day time window to stop the legislation, because of the injustice of D.C.’s not having statehood. Please urge your House and Senate members to let democracy reign with this marijuana decriminalization legislation, and not to stop it. I anticipate that D.C. real estate values will experience healthy increases once marijuana decriminalization becomes effective.  Those with ailments ameliorated by marijuana but not covered by D.C.’s restrictive medical marijuana law, will benefit from marijuana decriminalization.  Marijuana decriminalization is hugely wonderful and wonderfully huge. Marijuana decriminalization in D.C., and legalization in Colorado and Washington will not change the fact that I have not consumed marijuana in over a quarter century. For m, this is about civil liberties and personal choice, and about making marijuana more readily available for medicinal purposes.

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