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D.C. voters pass the marijuana legalization referendum!

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The countless hours and decades of sweat by drug law reform supporters has been paying off in a whirlwind during the recent years in particular, with Washington state and Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws, yesterday’s marijuana legalization referendum wins in Washington, D.C. and Oregon (see here and here, too), and the slew of other states that have heavily decriminalized marijuana and legalized medicinal marijuana.

My excitement over these developments with the marijuana laws is grounded in civil liberties, not only over giving adults the choice to consume or not to consume marijuana, but also to smash the unjustly harsh treatment of marijuana suspects in the criminal justice system, that in Washington, D.C., alone, has been shown to disproportionately (and grossly so) harm black people.

Even if marijuana becomes lawful everywhere on the globe, I do not plan to use it. That is the beauty of legalizing marijuana, giving adults the choice to use it or not.

Now it is time for Congress to let the democratic will prevail in the District of Columbia, and not to block marijuana legalization.